After the Rain


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Hi everyone. Paul Erickson, here.

In New England, we’ve had  a long spell of rainy weather—what the weather casters call “raw and dreary.” What photographers know so well, however, is that a gray-drearly landscape can offer spectacular and exciting opportunities to capture images of the jewel-like formations on leaves and flowers, with or without a flash. This presumes that it’s not raining so hard that you are going to damage your camera. Although recent developments in camera housings allow a photographer to work amidst torrential downpours, providing unusual photo opportunities.

This week, I’ve been capturing photos for a musical video/piece I’m editing as part of a show that I present at a variety of speaking venues, including retirement communities (some of my all-time favorite audiences).

One of my destinations is Long Hill Gardens, a Massachusetts Trustees (of Reservations) properties in Beverly, MA. The assortment of plants from around the world in this garden provide unending opportunities to immerse yourself in a lush sanctuary of colors and forms—even after the rain.  #thetrustees

Take your camera to a rain-sprinkled garden and prepare for enchantment.

9 thoughts on “After the Rain

      • wow… you like it…. thanks a lot and I am following your site… I love nature and although i am scared of diving, I am glad you could bring such amazing sea life to me…

  1. It’s a really expressive photo. I admire your photography. I’m a student of psychology and journalism and I haven’t yet seen such beautiful photos despite being around a lot of photographers . Keep up the good work sir

  2. Every little drop…….. water water everywhere in your life ! Remarkable.
    Incredible insight and discovery and eye opening. Keep it up. I still have
    your painting which I call “Sea star American flag” in my den !

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