Speaking Engagements

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Speaking of Nature

For 40 years, author/illustrator, photographer and TV correspondent Paul Erickson has shared his adventures around the world with audiences of all ages. He initiates conversations that reconnect people with nature through lifelong learning.

During his colorful, entertaining presentations, Paul blends his photography, artwork and video with the music of Debussy and other classical composers. The music was recorded live at Paul Erickson Studios in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Paul always speaks with program coordinators ahead of time so that he can custom-design his presentation for each individual audience.

New Presentation

A Garden State of Mind: Finding Paradise on Land and Under the Sea


Contact Paul or Susan Erickson at: paulerickson0029@gmail.com or 978-979-0029

Paul Erickson

Paul worked as an educator, media producer and photographer at the New England Aquarium for 26 years. He served as a on-camera special correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America, WBZ-TV Eyewitness News, Westinghouse Broadcasting’s Superkids, and the Comcast Network program Nitebeat.

During his diving adventures, Paul has photographed underwater habitats in the Red Sea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Belize, the Philippines, New England and Loch Ness, Scotland.

Speaking Venues



“Paul is a most delightful presenter! His photos are vivid and entertaining, but even more important, he so easily and naturally engages with his audience. Many residents raved about his remarkable program—that it was the best presentation they’ve experienced here.”     AVIV CENTER FOR LIVING

“You add so much to the atmosphere and create just a wonderfully fun experience for all.”     NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM

“We couldn’t get over how amazing your pictures were. All of the students and teachers loved the show.”     PINGREE SCHOOL

“Your underwater photography of marine life in various parts of the world was magnificent.”     MASSACHUSETTS ASSOC. OF SCIENCE SUPERVISORS 

“Thank you so much for your wonderful program last night—there was a lot of joy at the library!”     LYNNFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful program.”     CAPE COD NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM

“What a wonderful service you shared with us. I have been thinking about your words today and consciously noticing all the things I appreciate in our natural world.”     FIRST PARISH CHURCH, BEVERLY, MA

”Thank you so much for putting on such an entertaining show for our SMA community. Everyone really enjoyed seeing and learning about the ocean.”     SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY SEAN W. VENEZIA FOUNDATION

“You open our eyes to nature’s beauty through amazing small moments caught in your camera in their full beauty.”    SUSAN QUINN










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