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YOU CAN CONTACT PAUL AT: paulerickson0029@gmail.com or 978-979-0029

Author, diver, speaker, communicator of useless information and painter of pictures your four-year-old could do, Paul worked full time as shark bait at the New England Aquarium for 26 years. He also worked as a special nature and environment correspondent Good Morning America and WBZ-TV News, Boston. Today, he develops exhibit content for aquariums, museums, zoos, and nature centers. As a house husband, he walks the dogs and takes out the trash.

Some of Paul’s museum exhibit writing and content development projects include:

Florida Oceanographic Society, new exhibits
United States Fish and Wildlife Service, 13 National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Centers
Zoo Miami’s Amazon and Beyond—collaboration with Dave Barry
Science Center of Kuwait, with Cambridge 7 architects
Georgia Aquarium Aquanaut Adventure
Beijing Aquarium, Smart Minds Learning Guide
Houston Zoo African Forest exhibit area with Lyons/Zaremba, Inc.
Great River Road Visitor Center, Genoa, Wisconsin, introductory video
Georgia Southern University, invasive species exhibit Under Attack!
Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, new exhibits
Fun Zoo Miami Amazon and Beyond exhibit expansion,website content and outdoor plaza eco-play Quetzal’s World

Paul also serves as a naturalist/aquarist on the Sea Shuttle‘s 45-foot catamaran Endeavour in Salem Sound, MA.

He worked as a on-camera correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America, WBZ-TV News and Radio, Westinghouse Broadcasting’s Superkids, CBS owned WEEI-FM and WMJX, Boston. He received three regional Emmy Award nominations for his work on WBZ-TV News, perhaps because the TV arts and sciences judges confused his submission tapes with someone else’s really good tapes.

Erickson’s books with photographer Andy Martinez are The Pier at the End of the World and Don’t Mess With Me: The Strange Lives of Venomous Sea Creatures, both published by Tilbury House. The Pier received a National Science Teacher’s Association / Children’s Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Book Award and a 2015 Skipping Stones Magazine Honor Award. Also, Paul co-authored Dive to the Coral Reefs, which became a PBS Reading Rainbow selection.

Paul tells exciting stories about his diving adventures around the world to a wide variety of audiences about his undersea adventures. For more information, please click on Speaking Engagements on the banner at the top of this page.

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    • Thanks Harry. Must have been that freshman high school English class that taught me how to put words on paper while trying to avoid being completely distracted by the girls in the same class.

    • Thank you Jennifer. I’ll be happy to get the list out for you. Is there a piece you’re especially interested in? Of course, some of the old ones are by unknown artists…at least unknown to us…but we know all the Lynn artists. Is there one in particular you’d like to know about?

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