Art and Photo Gallery

Thank you to the Monserrat College of Art Continuing Education Department. Excellent teachers. Creative atmosphere. Fun.

Academic drawing by Paul Erickson. Copy of Da Vinci-The Head of a Youth, Montserrat College of Art.
Forest Blossom, Fiji oil on canvas © 2019 by Paul Erickson

This morning, a few dew drops on a spider web reminded me to keep things simple. Doesn’t it feel refreshing to declutter?

morning dew on spider web at Long Hill Garden, Beverly MA
Photo: Detail of Spanish dancer sea slug.

In our new road show Dazzle: How Nature Uses Colors to Attract, Repel, Disguise, and Fool, we spotlight this Spanish Dancer sea slug (nudibranch) I photographed in the Indo-Pacific. 

To predators, the marine mollusk’s dazzling color apparently say STOP! CONSUME AT YOUR OWN RISK. That’s because this red sea slug contains a toxic chemical obtained from a sponge the 6-inch long, soft-bodied mollusk loves to eat.

Backstory: pharmacologists have studied this chemical from the slug—an anti-fungal agent that fights off Candida albicans.