Art and Photo Gallery

Thank you to the Monserrat College of Art Continuing Education Department. Excellent teachers. Creative atmosphere. Fun.

Academic drawing (not for sale) by Paul Erickson. Copy of Da Vinci-The Head of a Youth, Montserrat College of Art.
Tropical Blossom oil on canvas by Paul Erickson
Rainforest Bird oil on canvas by Paul Erickson
Jewelfish In Egyptian Reef oil on canvas by Paul Erickson

Bahamian Medicine Garden oil on canvas by Paul Erickson
Fire Opal II oil on canvas by Paul Erickson

This morning, a few dew drops on a spider web reminded me to keep things simple. Doesn’t it feel refreshing to declutter?

morning dew on spider web at Long Hill Garden, Beverly MA
Photo: Detail of Spanish dancer sea slug.

In our new road show Dazzle: How Nature Uses Colors to Attract, Repel, Disguise, and Fool, we spotlight this Spanish Dancer sea slug (nudibranch) I photographed in the Indo-Pacific. 

To predators, the marine mollusk’s dazzling color apparently say STOP! CONSUME AT YOUR OWN RISK. That’s because this red sea slug contains a toxic chemical obtained from a sponge the 6-inch long, soft-bodied mollusk loves to eat.

Backstory: pharmacologists have studied this chemical from the slug—an anti-fungal agent that fights off Candida albicans.